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High Five For Friday {and food holidays}!

Friday June 12

1// Food holidays are so great right now. Because what is more fun than celebrating a food holiday AND posting the proof to Instagram? Last Friday night (National Donut Day) Paul and I had our weekly Chick Fil A date, after which we stopped for free donuts at Ingles. Chicken and donuts in the same day? Awesome.

2// This week I was happy to also celebrate National Iced Tea Day! I love the Black Peach Tea from QT –  and it’s only $.75 for that big cup!

3// If Peggy spots an empty suitcase or overnight bag, she’s in it before you turn around. But we don’t mind – how cute is she?

4// My summer Target Beauty Box came this week! I only order one if it saves me money on things I’d buy anyway, and I was pretty happy with this box. My favorite product so far is the Revlon HD lipstick in “gladiolus.” It’s a nice orangey-red, which isn’t a color I’d pick for myself but have really enjoyed wearing! It’s a nice change from my usual berry shades.

5// My sister joined me for today’s vlog! As I predicted, it didn’t take long for us to start laughing! We spent some time together last weekend and recorded a couple fun videos that you’ll be seeing here in the next few weeks. 🙂

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Have a lovely weekend!

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11 thoughts on “High Five For Friday {and food holidays}!

  1. Oh yum! Chik-fil-a and donuts sounds so delicious!! How do I keep missing these food days? Because donuts and iced tea are right up my alley. I need to catch up with your vlogs! And cats AND toddlers can’t resist an empty, open suitcase 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend.


  2. Well you just answered my question about the Target Beauty Box. I do Birch Box and I really enjoy that. The things I do not use I gift to my daughter and daughter in law. Where do you go to find out more about it?


    1. I should have included that info in my post – sorry! As far as I know, you can’t order a subscription for these like the other boxes we’re familiar with. I always see these announced on my favorite couponing sites ( usually) and purchase it as soon as I see the announcement. So that’s not the most helpful answer ever…but that’s all I know! 🙂


  3. Ya’ll crack me up!! Evan loved watching the video of you two, too.

    I have the same feelings about cake that you shared yesterday (except for this one pound cake from the local Amish store… I love it). I don’t like ice cream either, though. My favorite thing is tiramisu, followed by pumpkin pie and brownies. I’d have that for my last meal with some good strong coffee. After some baked potatoes, fresh creamed corn and lots of bread with a ton of sweet tea. 🙂


    1. Well if Evan liked the vlog then I’m happy! 🙂 Now Christina….how can you not like ice cream???? 🙂 Sounds like your last meal will be eaten at your Mom’s – lots of Southern comfort food!


  4. Chick Fil A + donuts sounds like Friday night perfection to me! YUM!! Target’s beauty boxes are so much fun! Mine is set to arrive within the next few days and I can hardly wait! 🙂 I’m officially your newest YouTube subscriber. Looking forward to checking out your vids. 😉 Have a lovely weekend, Whitney! xo


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