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High Five For Thanksgiving (2015)!

Happy Black Friday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful week and a great Thanksgiving! To my non-US friends, Happy Friday and I hope you had a great week too! We traveled over the mountain and through the country to spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family. Here are five of my favorite pictures from yesterday!

Thanksgiving 2015 3
Nana & Paul Curtis
thanksgiving 2015 4
Love my sis!
thanksgiving 2015 2
#allthecarbs #amen
thanksgiving 2015 5
Mom, Nana, Papa & Dad ❤

Thanksgiving 2015 1

I have a fun announcement today! During the month of December, I’m planning to post a weekend recap vlog each Tuesday on my YouTube channel. This coming Tuesday will feature some highlights from Thanksgiving and some fun with Christmas decorating at my house. I hope you will enjoy this new series!

Have a lovely weekend! 

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15 thoughts on “High Five For Thanksgiving (2015)!

  1. Love those pictures, especially the one of you & Alli. You’re both so cute & it’s a great picture!
    Can’t wait for your weekend recap videos!!


  2. You have a beautiful family, Whitney. It is a blessing & joy to get a little glimpse – thanks for sharing! I look forward to your weekend recap vlogs. God bless you.


  3. So much fun seeing a glimpse of your family Thanksgiving! The picture of you and your sister is so cute! And I love your mom’s chalkboard … and her apron! Sounds as if you all had a wonderful day.


  4. Love the picture of you and Alli…adorbs!! And Denise is still in that apron!! I often forget to take mine off as well after cooking a feast. ( Makes a good napkin!) And I look forward to you vlog!


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