An Exciting Menu Monday + Tales of a Foodie

First of all – if things look a little different around here, it’s because I gave the blog a little makeover this weekend! It was time for something a little different. Let me know if you can’t find something or if any of the links don’t work for you. But enough with the announcements…on with the food!

Menu Monday 2.1.16

This is a pretty exciting week menu-wise! I planned this menu with four different types of meat: beef, chicken, Italian sausage and crab meat (imitation). Being a foodie, I get excited about these things. I feel like my menus are usually pretty chicken or beef-heavy. Since my freezer space is limited, I usually only have two types of meat to choose from on any given week.

Last week I planned to fix my no-fuss nachos for supper. Before I started fixing the meal, I texted my husband to see what he’d eaten for lunch. He replied that he’d eaten some leftover spaghetti and asked why I wanted to know. I explained that I was planning to make nachos but wanted to make sure he hadn’t eaten tacos for lunch (those were another lunch option on my menu that week). His reply made me laugh: “Tacos and nachos are both good meals. Why does it matter that they’re from the same country?” It would matter to me – I like to mix up what I eat from meal to meal! He’s not a foodie. He doesn’t understand. 🙂

And now – my exciting four-meat menu!

On The Menu 




Menu Plan with Me


4 thoughts on “An Exciting Menu Monday + Tales of a Foodie

  1. LOVE the blog makeover! So fresh, clean and updated. Great job 🙂 Your pancakes look delicious and we like to vary our lunch & dinners, too. I almost picked up some crab cakes at Sams this week because they sounded delicious. Your whole menu sounds great – lasagna, chicken & dumplings and quesadillas. I always get excited for a menu with good variety in it.


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