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Living Room Refresh {On A Budget}

How to refresh a room on a budget via

This year I really wanted to replace our living room furniture. We currently have a worn (but still pretty comfy) hand-me-down leather sectional, a matching recliner and a very old love seat that Paul brought from his bachelor days. It has a slip cover that is really showing wear (thanks mostly to Thelma Lou). Several months ago I looked around my living room and decided I really hated how everything looked. I think that happens to all of us at some point, am I right?

New furniture isn’t in the cards right now, so I decided to refresh my living room as best I could! I made a list of a few things I wanted and began shopping for good deals. Finding exactly what I want at the price I want is very important to me, so I’m never in a hurry with these things. I spent less than $150 and couldn’t be happier with the difference it makes in the room! We purchased the rug back in December, but I’ll include it in the list below because it really contributes to the new look. Here’s what I purchased:

  • Blue Lamp: $25, Target Clearance
  • Throw Pillows: $25 for the pair, Marshalls
  • Love Sign: $11, Kirklands
  • Rug: $79, Target
  • Piano Runner: Christmas Gift
  • Total: $140!

I hope this encourages you that even if you are unhappy with the large pieces of furniture in a room, you can make little changes to improve the overall look of the room. And now – the before and after photos!

living room before

living room refreshed 2

living room refreshed

living room refreshed 3

I am so thankful for our home and for the opportunity I had to give it a little refresh! Do you have a room that needs some new accessories?

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25 thoughts on “Living Room Refresh {On A Budget}

  1. I love this. We recently went through our home to stage it for sale. It went great and we were able to spend a minimal amount of money to do so. Hobby lobby is also a great source. We got an area rug for $60 and pillow covers for 6.00 instead of replacing the pillows. Awesome job on your redo.


  2. I absolutely love your refresh…the pillows and rug are so cute! I like to have more neutral furniture so I can play with bolder things for decor and it won’t clash. Your room fits together so well, and at such great buys! My living room needs some furniture updates, too, but that might not happen for a while. I love to add pillows and candles to spice it up.


  3. Wow! What a difference! It is surprising what a few new accessories can do. That rug really is pretty and brought a whole new feel to the room! Very nice!


  4. Your living room refresh looks good! The rug and pillows make a big difference. I would love to replace our worn out couch with a couple of arm chairs, but like you, it’s just not something I can’t change right now. So I make other little thing changes here and there.


  5. I am thinking of having my sofa reupholstered but I hate having it gone for a week or so. It is a good solid piece so that is why I am even considering it. We have had it for 10 years but it is fabric and some spots are showing their age. Then I think of just purchasing a new one that is leather. Decisions Decisions. Your living room looks good…love the colors.


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