Finishing Touches For The Living Room

Last week I showed you the updates I’ve made in my living room. It took six months but only cost me $140 to give the room a much lighter and brighter feel. My shopping strategy with household decor, as with groceries, is to wait until something is at the lowest price I can find before I buy. That works well for my budget, but it would be fun to go on a wild spending spree!

One of my favorite YouTube ladies, Nikki from Carry Grace, invited me to join her in imagining what it would be like to have $200 that I could BLOW on a room in my home. I thought this sounded like a really fun idea, so I’m joining her over on YouTube today as we talk about how we would do that in our living rooms.

Finishing Touches For The Living Room

My normal strategy involves shopping all the stores to find the best deal, so today I’m just going with one store and spending my $200 right there. I chose Kirklands for my shopping spree – the gray sign I featured in last week’s post came from there. When I bought that sign I was tempted by many other items at Kirklands, so it is a perfect location for blowing $200! 🙂 Before I went on my imaginary shopping spree, I made a list of the things I wanted for my living room. I mentioned last week that I really wanted new furniture, but for now I’m choosing items that will go with the old pieces as well as a new set (whenever that might happen).

Here’s my list:

  • Curtains & Pretty Hardware
  • Wall Clock
  • New Floor Lamp
  • New Coffee Table Centerpiece

Living Room Updates Wish List

Here are the items I found at

Finishing Touches for the Living Room Style Board


  1. Teal Curtain Panel: $29.99
  2. Mercury Glass Curtain Rod: $26.99
  3. Mercury & Metal Floor Lamp: $69.99
  4. Metal Clock: $49.99
  5. Peony Arrangement: $24.99

My total came to $201.95 before tax! I can’t help but stay on budget, even in a pretend world! 🙂

Watch my video below to find out the inspiration behind those teal curtains, and to see a 360 degree tour of the living room!

What room would you like to have $200 to blow on new decor? I will be featuring two more rooms in my house for this series. I can’t wait for my next imaginary shopping spree!

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This is post is not sponsored by Kirklands – images are used with permission. All opinions are my own and I would really love all these pieces! 😉 


16 thoughts on “Finishing Touches For The Living Room

  1. I just clicked on your link for the white peony arrangement and it was listed st a sale prices if $16.97. Had you waited for the price drop (since this is pretend, we will say that is what you did in keeping with your normal practices), you would be under budget!

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  2. I’d say $200 would got towards a dining set for our patio or for a coffee table for our living room. I’m on the hunt for both 🙂 Looking forward to watching your video!


  3. I would like a nice rug for my living room and I think that would probably take most of my two bills. Also I would like to put some frames on a few art pieces that are canvas and are hanging on the wall without frames right now. As for your floor lamp…could you spray paint the metal to something you like better and get a new shade? I have done that in the past when I did not have the money for a new lamp. Ross and TJ Maxx have shades for very reasonable prices. I love the idea of turquoise curtains. They will look great in your living room.


    1. I *could* spray paint the lamp but I hate DIY projects and it’s just better for everyone all around if I skip those projects. 🙂 The lamp base is a little crooked as well, so I’m just holding out for a new one. 🙂


  4. Isn’t it fun to pretend how you would spend the money? I really like all of the accessories that you picked out! I think the blue for the curtains is the perfect shade for the room. Curtains are one of my absolute favorite ways to change up a room. And that clock! It would look great on the wall. I have a clock picked out from Kirklands that I want for my living room. Thanks so much for laying along!


  5. I love all the additions you’ve ” added!” Your post last week actually sent me to our Kirklands here in Johnson City where I found a pretty wooden sign for over my Jacuzzi tub! So, thanks for the inspiration! I’d use $200 to add touches to my outdoor room – my back porch!


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