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5 Things on Friday: Birthdays, 500’s and Ice Cream {7.15.16}

Happy Friday

1 // Happy Friday! July is not one of my favorite months, but I’m surviving with lots of ice water, iced coffee and ice cream! On Sunday night we treated ourselves to the luxury of Brusters ice cream, and it was SO good. We shared a Mint Fudge Crunch sundae which has to be one of my all time flavor combinations. Yum.IMG_7723

2// I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympic trials over the past few weeks! I love getting familiar with the athletes before they compete in the Olympics – it makes their victories even more personal and special. Did anyone else stay up to watch the announcement of the women’s gymnastic team on Sunday night? Those girls are amazing.

3// This week I hit 500 Instagram followers and 500 YouTube subscribers! While I certainly don’t do either of those things for the followers, it’s nice to know that there are more people sticking around than leaving. 🙂 I am so grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met through blogging and YouTube! Thanks for sticking around!

4// My sister is coming to visit this weekend! I’m in serious need of some sister time and it will be glorious.

paul's birthday collage

5// Tomorrow is my favorite guy’s birthday! This is the 6th year we are celebrating birthdays together. As you can see from the collage of past birthday celebrations above, his biggest birthday tradition is making crazy faces. LOL. I always enjoy celebrating him, even if he doesn’t always give me a nice smile for the camera. 🙂

Here is the question of the week: what is your favorite birthday dessert?

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15 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday: Birthdays, 500’s and Ice Cream {7.15.16}

  1. Hooray for 500s!!! I love your blog and keeping up with you on social media, and it’s fun to see a lot of others feel the same way. 🙂

    High five for the Olympics! I, too, like to tune in and get a feel for the athletes before they hit the big stage. I’m amazed at the variety of skills it takes to be a gymnast. How fun to fly through the air and actually know where you’re going. I’m too clumsy for that and would be black and blue!

    Happy Birthday to Paul! My dad used to make all kinds of funny faces in photos, so I know a little of what you deal with. Haha! They may be a little frustrating, but it’s fun to look back and have the memories. Mint ice cream is one of my favorite flavors, but I’m kind of a loner around here because no one else wants it. Oh, well, more for me!

    As for a favorite birthday treat, I’m not sure. I love cake (from a box), but by the time my birthday gets here I’m so tired of cake (other family have bdays super close to mine). A homemade pumpkin pie is delicious, and my November birthday lends itself well to that.


  2. You asked what our favorite Birthday dessert was, and here is mine. I am very traditional and old fashioned, but I like a nice Birthday cake, white cake with thick icing and vanilla ice cream. Call me boring, or unimaginative, but that’s me!


  3. I made a yummy Chocolate Trifle last night for a fellowship dinner. It might be a new favorite. Regarding the lamp… And I understand about DIY projects…some people love them and some people not so much!! And if you lamp post is crooked, there is no fixing that. I have found some local consignment stores that have pretty good deals on used household items. I am scouring them for things for my little house. I have to decorate it on a shoestring. Happy Birthday to Paul!


  4. I always make a pumpkin chocolate chip cake with maple vanilla whipped cream for the boys’ birthday. It’s definitely the favorite birthday dessert around here. John likes coconut cake, so I try to always make that for his birthday.
    Happy Birthday, Paul!


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