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How to Save Money at Kroger {Menu Monday}

Hey there! I’m taking over Menu Monday for Whitney today and sharing my menu for the week as well as a couple tips for how I save money at Kroger!

Let’s start with the grocery saving tips…

How to save money at Kroger via

Unlike my sister, I don’t do much coupon clipping, but I have found a few ways to keep my grocery budget manageable. I shop at Kroger so my tips apply for other Kroger shoppers, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t come in handy at another grocery store.

  1. Take advantage of mobile coupons – even though I don’t clip coupons, I am a huge fan of the mobile coupons on the Kroger app. The biggest way I save money with my coupons is by saving them until the item I have a coupon for goes on sale. For example, I had a coupon for $4 off three bags of Starbucks coffee. I saved that coupon for a couple months until Starbucks coffee was on sale for $6 (usually sells for $8 a bag). By combining the sale with my coupon, I paid $14 for three bags of coffee making each bag about $4.60! I also will download coupons for items I don’t normally buy, but am interested in trying. If those items go on sale and I have a coupon, I’ll take advantage of that opportunity.
  2. Buy in bulk – since my family consists of just my husband and myself, we don’t need that many groceries. I’ve learned though that buying items in bulk – especially meat – cuts down our costs. Kroger will often mark down large packages of meat like pork or beef. Even though we wouldn’t eat three pounds of beef in a week, I buy the package then divide the meat into one pound portions which I wrap individually and store in the freezer. Buying the three pound package is cheaper overall than buying just one pound, plus I have extra meat to use in the next few weeks.
  3. Look for the markdowns – every morning Kroger fills up a couple carts with “banged up items” such as dented-in cans, bread nearing it’s best-by date, or ripened fruit. I’ve learned to check out those carts, and have gotten some of the best deals by doing so! This past week I picked up tomato paste for $0.19, organic bananas for $0.39/pound, and organic grape tomatoes for $1.79. Just because store items don’t look perfect doesn’t mean that aren’t still edible!

Those are my quick tips for Kroger shopping! Now here’s my menu for the week:




If you shop at Kroger, I would love to hear how you save money there!

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13 thoughts on “How to Save Money at Kroger {Menu Monday}

  1. I love Kroger (or Baker’s, as it’s known around here)! The store around here has been having Friday Freebies, where you add the item to your store card online on Friday and can then redeem it for a few weeks afterward. I’ve gotten some pretty good freebies, like a jug of juice drink, cookies, cans/bottles of tea or sparkling water, etc.

    My Baker’s also sends out coupons periodically through the mail for significant discounts off items, and even free items (like Cheerios, bread, etc.). It’s all based on which items you regularly buy. These coupons are so helpful, along with the good deals we already get (Baker’s is one of the lowest priced stores here).

    I’ve gotten a few good deals in the discount carts, but I’m not a morning person so will probably never get the best early bird items. 🙂


  2. We love Kroger and try to use the mobile coupons when I can. I need to pay more attention to the discount carts you mentioned. I’ve gotten better about looking for discounted produce, but have never paid much attention to the discount carts. I love buying the Kroger brand frozen yogurt when it goes on super sale and stocking up. Your menu sounds yummy – those breakfast burritos and avocado chicken salad perfect for summer!


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