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5 Things on Friday {8.5.16}

iced coffee
can’t get enough iced coffee this summer!

1 // I am so glad August is here! August is just one month away from September which for me kicks off the best part of the year! I really do try to enjoy the journey and not wish my life away, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a favorite part of the year. Also, I really like seasons that involve not sweating.

2// Putting into practice a trick I learned from Tiffany, I stalked Cents of Style’s website until this graphic tee was just the right price. I scored it for $5 (their shipping is always free) and I’m in love with it! I’m also glad to know that their kid’s large tees fit my short waisted body just right! Now for the cat lady one to go on sale… 🙂

3// I posted two new videos on my YouTube channel this week. The first one was a challenge to fill a box with things that needed to be donated – easy peasy! I also posted my first “clean with me” video!

4// Last weekend I ended up sick and in bed for over 24 hours. I always grocery shop on Friday, so by Saturday night the fridge was a little bare. I had already prepared my grocery list from Southern Savers and had my coupons clipped, so I debriefed my husband and sent him off to Ingles. He rocked the solo grocery shopping and managed to use four printable coupons without so much as a sigh from the cashier (printable coupons are totally legit, but cashiers are very skeptical of them and always give me grief. Not Prince Charming!). I am very proud of my couponing protege! 🙂

5// We have family in town this weekend and then again next week, and I’m looking forward to spending time with all of them!

Here’s my question for you – who does the grocery shopping at your house? 

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21 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {8.5.16}

  1. Awesome deal on the shirt! I love when things like that happen, it’s like winning the lottery (almost)! That’s so fun that Paul was able to get the good deals with your direction. Glad you’re now on the mend! I’m the shopper here. Usually go to two stores each week to find the deals/necessities.

    I need to catch up on your videos! Things have been a little crazy here this week, so I got off track. Also looking forward to the fall season, as there are a lot of family birthdays and fun holidays ahead!


  2. I hope you are feeling better! I am glad that Paul rocked the grocery shopping. I do most of ours. Hubby has a tendency to grab “extra” junk that we don’t need! I hope you had a great weekend!


  3. I do the grocery shopping. Always have. I shutter to think what would happen if I sent my man and our grocery cash to the store. (We would be well stocked in ice cream, that’s for sure ;-).)


  4. I am with you!!! Love, love, love September and October. Hate to sweat, and the humidity, forget it. Give me pumpkins, the smell of cider, apple picking, etc. and wearing sweatshirts too!
    By the way, since I live alone, I do all the grocery shopping. I try to make it an adventure. I also help out people in my neighborhood who can’t get out sometimes. I get their list and do their shopping for them!


  5. Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. I could definitely do a one box challenge. My kids cleaned out their closets and we took about 5 trash bags to charity!


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