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2016 Goals Update: August

2016 Goals Update for August via ComeHomeForComfort.com

Now that 2016 is more than half-way gone, I thought it was a good time to give you an update on my goals for this year.

Goal #1: Make time for playing the piano

Progress: I’ve learned four new arrangements (three piano solos and one accompaniment) that I’ve been able to play in church! I’ve been playing the same pieces over and over for at least 10 years, so it’s been a huge challenge to learn and perform new arrangements.

Goal #2: Make time for routine cleaning tasks

Progress: Here are the cleaning tasks I’ve completed so far this year:

Cleaning Schedule Updated 8.16

Clearly, mopping the bathroom floor is my least favorite chore. 🙂 I always have Paul wipe the top of the fridge, and I forgot to ask him for three months straight. If you look at my original cleaning schedule for this year, you’ll see that I have rearranged my weekly tasks a little bit. I found that Thursday and Friday nights just weren’t good times for doing any cleaning – I’m occupied with other things on those nights (as well as writing my weekly recap post on Thursdays). I also added a load of laundry to each day’s morning routine.

I have found that by spreading out my cleaning chores over the week, I have much more time and energy to take on extra tasks. There’s a new video on my YouTube channel today – if you want to see me do some of my weekly chores, you can watch me clean right here

Goal #3: Be intentional with friendships

Progress: Not so much! I could write out a lot of excuses for this one, but this is so much harder than practicing the piano or cleaning the fridge. The year isn’t over yet!

I’ve also updated my Summer Bucket List:

  • Make homemade strawberry freezer jam  picture of the result
  • Take our new neighbors to have ice cream at the local ice cream hot spot  My sister and I went one night, and we went to the new Brusters with my inlaws, so I’m counting this!
  • Plan and throw a party (with my sister) for our parent’s 35th anniversary! recap post
  • Visit my grandparents in Kentucky
  • Meet up with at least one blog friend
  • Plan our end of summer road trip vacation – this will be postponed until later in the fall #lifehappens
  • Meet up with my sister for outlet shopping & tacos in Asheville
  • Plan something fun for Paul’s birthday in July pizza and cake were the perfect solution
  • Perfect my cold-brew coffee method (anyone have a system they love?) Blog post and video!

Reviewing my goals and charting my progress encourages me to keep going! How are you doing with the goals you set for yourself this year? If you’ve forgotten to wipe off the top of the fridge or haven’t mopped the bathroom floors, don’t give up! Pick up where you left off and keep working toward your goal.

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23 thoughts on “2016 Goals Update: August

  1. You’re making good progress! Thanks for the reminder to check in with my big goals and word of the year. Making friends as an adult requires a lot of work. It’s definitely worth the work, but it’s hard to keep putting yourself out there in the hopes of making a new friend or strengthening a friendship. You can do it!! Plus, it’ll be more fun in the Fall and winter when things are cooler 🙂


  2. Good job on your goals! I’m now motivated to revisit mine. Life definitely happens, so we just need to get back to it if we get distracted.


  3. If you do not set goals you will never meet them. As to the friends, I find you just have to schedule it like an appointment. I have standing appointments with some of my friends and that way we always know we are getting together.


  4. Awesome progress! You should make the friends goal a top for this month! Just put something on the calendar! This is a tough one because you can’t fully control it – but every time I think about how I haven’t seen this person or that person in a while, it usually turns out that if we just make contact and put something on the calendar, we can usually get together quickly and we’re always glad we did!


  5. I love how organized your cleaning goals are. I could totally benefit from having charts like that to mark off. I am TERRIBLE about cleaning the bathroom showers. I just hate it so much.


    1. It really helps me that I keep the chart in plain sight on the fridge. People always look at your fridge when they are hanging out in the kitchen, and I don’t want people to see a blank chart and wonder how filthy my house must be. 🙂 It’s good motivation to do those chores and check the boxes! LOL.


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