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3 Time Saving Cleaning Products

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Any time you’re working, it’s important to have the proper tools. I have found some great cleaning products that make my housework much more efficient and effective!

Sponges: How did I just discover the magic that sponges bring to hand-washing dishes? My stainless steel pots can be so hard to clean – but a sponge gets the cooked-on gunk off the bottom of the pot so much faster than a regular dish rag. I pick up packs of sponges when I’m at Dollar Tree – often they have packs of 3 for $1!

Of course you have to be careful not to scratch certain pans with the sponges, and it’s wise to replace your sponges regularly.

All Purpose Cleaners: I love a good all-in-one cleaner! The Pledge Multi-Surface Antibacterial Cleaner can clean my house top to bottom. I use it for dusting furniture and electronics (even our phones) as well as on all glass and mirrors. I love that it’s antibacterial! In the kitchen I use the Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner on my counters, stainless steel, stove top and everything else.

Dollar Tree carries a cleaner called “Spic and Span” that is a good backup to my Lysol cleaner. It’s not as good, but it works well for the price.

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Lysol Wipes: I keep a container of these under the sink in both bathrooms and use them daily. Each morning I wipe out my sink, hit the counters and then the toilet. I’m not brand loyal on these, but I have found that name brands are usually “wetter” than store brands.

There’s another container by the litter box that I use to keep things fresh and clean – wiping around the rim, cleaning off the scooper or wiping up any messes on the floor.

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If you have a favorite time-saving cleaning product, I would love to know what it is!

I’m not passionate about natural cleaning products, but I’m sure there are alternatives to these items if you prefer not to clean with chemicals. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “3 Time Saving Cleaning Products

  1. Microfiber towels are so versatile. I use them to dust furniture, clean windows and mirrors, wipe the bathroom vanity, polish bathroom fixtures — all just using a damp towel.


  2. I agree with all of those products!!! I’ve also taken a few teaspoons of my liquid Lysol and diluted with water and poured in my container of Dollar Tree wipes to make them more wet. I have boys so I go through a lot of Lysol wipes😳.


  3. I really like that Spic and Span cleaner from Dollar Tree. I also couldn’t function without magic erasers, Windex (only name brand will do) and specific wash cloths designated for cleaning.


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