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How To Become A Morning Person

Let me be clear right from the start – I’m not talking about the kind of morning person who carries on full-length animated conversations with people before 7 AM. The thought of that literally makes my body hurt. In this post, I’m sharing three tips that will help you get out of bed and use the early morning hours to get your day started in a productive manner!

#1 Get up at the same time every day

I started doing this a couple years ago and it has changed my life. Early mornings don’t seem so startlingly early when it becomes part of your routine. You might even find that your body wakes up at this time on its own after a while!

It also helps me to choose a nice, calm alarm tone. Currently I’m using a quiet instrumental song from the Aladdin soundtrack that always makes me feel peaceful. Waking up to the “wonk wonk wonk” of a traditional alarm is never a good option for someone who isn’t a morning person!

#2 Incorporate something you love into your morning routine 

I structured my morning routine so that after I’ve showered and gone through a few basic tasks, I get to sit down with a cup of coffee and work on my blog. Drinking coffee out of a mug is one of my favorite things – if I sleep in and miss out on this time, I have to drink it out of a travel mug on my way to work. Additionally, I sit in my home office with calm, dim lighting and work on my blog – something I definitely enjoy!

This is one of my favorite parts of the whole day – yet I know if I sleep in, that’s the thing I have to skip. It’s a huge motivation to get out of bed on time! Find something you can look forward to, like drinking coffee on the porch, journaling or something else that helps you ease into the day.

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#3 Go to bed early

You can’t be a night owl and an early bird – so make sure you are in bed at a decent hour. Don’t feel guilty about going to bed early! Most of the time it means giving up an hour of watching TV or scrolling the phone so that you can be productive in the morning. Going to bed at the same time each night is as helpful as getting up at the same time each day!

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Are you a morning person? If not, try one or two of these tips and let me know how it goes! ❤


8 thoughts on “How To Become A Morning Person

  1. I get up at 5:30am so I can read my bible and pray and drink coffee… because I am not strong enough to face people without doing that! 🙂 I can also, change over laundry, look at my google keep lists and my google calendar… I miss getting up and having this time so much that I am considering getting up by 6am most weekend mornings, too! My goal this year is to be more organized, simplified, and productive… almost EVERY great organization/ productivity video I’ve watched talks about being a morning person ❤ great post,


  2. Great advice! I get up at the same time on week days and it’s been good to be up before my family. I like your idea of pairing some of your favorite things with that early morning time to make mornings more enjoyable. Also, going to be earlier is a must if there’s any chance of waking up before my people.


    1. Going to bed early makes a huge difference for me. I’ve been getting up early long enough now that even if I go to bed later, I still wake up early. Those days of staying up late = sleeping in late are gone!


  3. Morning people are my favorite people – ha! Just kidding. But the night owls miss so much when they sleep in…or drag through the morning:)


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