Cooking in Quarantine: Simple Snacks

Does your family have the Quarantine Munchies?? It’s a very real thing at my house! Today I rounded up a few of my favorite snack recipes that we’ve been enjoying lately. Hopefully one of these will tide your people over until supper! 🙂

#1 Breakfast Cookies: You can modify this recipe to suit your preferences and what you have in your pantry! This flourless cookie recipe uses bananas, oats, peanut butter and honey. I like to add in coconut flakes, chocolate chips (always), sunflower seeds and craisins.

TIP: These cookies dry out pretty quickly, so I keep them in the freezer and only pull out what we’ll eat a few days at a time.

#2 No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars: These turn out best if you don’t make them when it’s raining – but even if they crumble a little, they’re still delicious!

#3 Peanut Butter Energy Bites: These are so quick to make and can be customized for whatever you have on hand. The basic things you need are oats, peanut butter and honey. Adding in chocolate chips, coconut flakes, protein powder or sunflower seeds is totally optional – but the more mix-ins you add, the farther you can stretch a batch!

I’ve been using this recipe but there are so many versions of this on Pinterest!

#4 Green Smoothies: The perfect way to get fruit, greens and protein in a sweet, refreshing snack! Right now I’m using frozen fruit, fresh spinach, juice or water and vanilla Greek yogurt in my smoothies. Watch the video below – start it at 5:30 – to see how I make “smoothie packets” for quick smoothie assembly!

#5 Fresh Fruit and Veggies

Obvious, right? Here’s the tip with this one – make sure it’s easy to find and to eat! In my experience, fresh produce is more likely to be eaten if it’s already washed, cut and in a bowl with a clear top. Putting grapes in a bowl covered in plastic wrap makes it much more likely that they’ll be eaten as opposed to grapes in a Tupperware container with a colored lid!

Here are some ideas:

  • Celery with Peanut Butter, Hummus or Ranch
  • Sweet Peppers with Hummus or Ranch
  • Apples with Toffee Dip or Peanut Butter

It’s also very helpful to let your family know what is available, to keep them from digging through the pantry and eating something you were saving for a recipe! You could keep a bin in the fridge and a basket on the counter with things that are available for “anytime snacking” or place a list of this week’s snacks on the fridge.

Your family will probably still open the fridge and stare blankly in search of food at some point, but isn’t that just human nature?

Need More Ideas? Here are 12 Of My Favorite Appetizers!


4 thoughts on “Cooking in Quarantine: Simple Snacks

  1. Totally agree! Quarantine has definitely meant that we spend a lot more time in the kitchen, having a complete blast with our creative juices. 🙂


  2. We are definitely snacking more these days! I’m trying to buy fruits and veggies that have a longer shelf life as well as using canned fruits. I am hoping to get into a better routine with smoothie making because I have a good freezer stash of ingredients for that. I’ve also been making cookies or doing fun baking projects together.


    1. Smoothies are one of the best ways to get Paul to get green veggies – he’s not a big fan otherwise. 🙂 I stocked my freezer with frozen berries, and we’ve been enjoying those in pancakes, oatmeal and smoothies.


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