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One of My Favorite Frugal Decorating Tips!

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One of the “staples” in my home decor is the plate rack that hangs on the wall in the dining area. I bought it at Hobby Lobby years ago, and I have so much fun decorating it with my favorite plates!

I’ve purchased a few plates with the purpose of displaying them here, but I also love to use regular dinner plates already in my cupboard.

I love using melamine plates in this rack because they are inexpensive, lightweight and won’t break or chip! In the picture above, I layered mismatched white plates with $2 melamine luncheon plates from the grocery store!

Below I combined two turquoise melamine plates from Target with some antique plates from my collection.

This is a great way to display mismatched, random pieces you love but don’t use in every day table settings.

I’ve done several different looks here for Christmas – this is my Gramma’s Christmas china mixed with a thrifted Currier and Ives plate.

Last year I simply added a bundle of berries to the plates that are probably my all-time favorite to display here.

Small lunch plates look pretty in the rack, too!

Right now I’m displaying the bold blue and white plates I love. It’s such a classic, traditional look!

I can’t find my plate rack on Hobby Lobby’s site, but I found a nice, simple option under $25 from Walmart or Amazon. You might also be able to find a good deal on one in stores like HomeGoods (if yours is open!).

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9 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Frugal Decorating Tips!

  1. Love this idea! Your Gramma’s Christmas china looks a lot like some that I have. Do you know the name of it? Mine is not expensive; I think it may be called Noel. The Currier & Ives plate (which I love) looks really nice with it.

    You have such a gift for home decorating! Thanks for sharing with all of us!


  2. This is adorable. I loved all the settings you placed to go along with the plate hanger. I have a window pane just like that used for a sign at our wedding.. I have yet to hang it up. Great post.


  3. Enjoyed your post, Whitney! I like to change out my hanging plates too for each season or party themes. It’s fun! But I don’t have the plate hanger you have; it looks very useful. Love all the different looks you’ve shown here. And the window too! I have one in the hallway at my entrance and like to change out the wreath on it seasonally.


      1. I bought mine from a flea market for my daughters bedroom when she was four (she’s 20 now). It’s seen so many different rooms and transformations over the years!


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