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How I Prepped For A Busy Weekend

I use the weekend to prepare for the coming week – I set up my planner, clean the house, plan and prep the meals, and do the bulk of my blogging. Since I work outside of the home during the week, I’ve found that setting aside this time on Friday evening and Saturday morning really helps me to accomplish my homemaking goals.

Most of the time I have no problem accomplishing my weekend to-do’s, but occasionally I’ll have a busy weekend that makes it a little more challenging. This weekend, for the first time in months, we have several fun things planned!

Here’s what I did to prep for the busy weekend:

  • When setting up my planner for this week, I planned for next week as well. That takes something off my to-do list this weekend and helps me know what is coming.
  • I planned a crock pot meal for Saturday that I can prep on Friday, turn on Saturday morning and have ready for supper that night.
  • I took one thing off my plate. I looked at the things I usually do on the weekends and decided to let one go!
  • When I placed my grocery pickup order for Thursday, I made sure it included extra things I would need for the weekend and the first few days of the next week.

Those simple things really help to make the weekend more enjoyable, and they help me to continue setting up the coming week for success.

I’m very thankful for a weekend packed with fun things! Truthfully my favorite weekends are spent cozied up at home, but I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead. Follow along on Instagram to see what we’re up to!

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