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My Planner Picks for 2021: Happy Planner Cat Lady

This is my 5th year to use a Happy Planner! My preference is the classic size with a vertical layout.

I love that it has both the weekly spread with columns for every day and the monthly spread with the whole month on two pages.

For 2021 I just had to have the Cat Lady Happy Planner! Not only is it full of cat lover goodness, the color scheme is a neutral black and white.

I love that I can customize each week with whatever sticker/washi tape color palette I choose. I got mine at JoAnn’s, but it looks like you can find it on Amazon.

The only downside to this planner is the fingerprints that show on the cover, but I almost always have my planner open on the counter anyway.

I do like using Sharpie fine point pens for my planner, but the Cat Story pens that were given to me last year continue to be my favorite planner pens. They write so cleanly and do not bleed – and this year they even coordinate with my planner pages! πŸ™‚

I pick up stickers and washi tape at Dollar Tree or on sale at Hobby Lobby and keep them organized in a shower caddy! Watch my YouTube video here to see how I set it up.

I use my planner to keep me on track with these areas:

  • Housekeeping: I write down my daily chores in the top boxes and cross them off when they’re done
  • Menu Planning: Each week’s menu goes in the far left column
  • Home Management: I remind myself to pay bills every week
  • Blogging/Online Content: I map out the whole month in the monthly spread and then write each day’s details and tasks in the bottom portion of the weekly spread
  • Family Events: I give myself reminders of upcoming birthdays so that cards and gifts are mailed on time

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Do you use a Happy Planner? Which one are you using this year?


17 thoughts on “My Planner Picks for 2021: Happy Planner Cat Lady

  1. I’ve always used a planner but this is my first year trying out the happy planner. So far I really like it. My goal was to be able to customize it and add in a section for my happiness highlights journal, a tracker for my goals, as well as a blogging section. When I used a permanent marker it did bleed through though. Maybe I have the thin pages like urban suburban girl.


  2. Hi there! I have the exact same one! It was love at first sight : ) Now I have to get those kitty pens!!!! Your organizational tips are always so helpful!


  3. Is there anything better than starting off a new year with a new planner?!?! Nope. I look forward to it every Christmas break. I prefer no spiral in mine and have a system. I keep personal and blog in two separate planners and color code things for each person or type of event. I could talk planners all day long πŸ™‚ Glad you found the purrrrfect planner for you haha


    1. I love that you have your system perfectly honed and know exactly what works for you! Color coding always makes me smile – I use that sometimes on my blog monthly calendar if I have a lot planned.


  4. Hi Whitney, I’m still going strong with my HP after learning about them from you. This is my fourth one. I do love the more neutral pages offered in the planners over the last couple of years.


  5. I usually get a Happy Planner on sale after January 1st, but this year Hobby Lobby was sold out of the twelve-month planners. I picked out a Paper Studio Agenda 52 planner instead, and I think I’ll like it a lot! Plastic cover, pretty patterns, and a monthly/vertical layout very similar to the Happy Planner!


  6. I love the happy planner! I am using the dashboard layout with the cactus on the front and marble discs! Love the design, but a little bummed that this one in particular came with thinner pages. (I’m on a few facebook groups and it seems this is the only one that has thinner pages..bummer!) I’ve been a happy planner for years, frankenplanned 3-5 last year. This year I am only using this one paired with my passion planner for time logging. I love planners! πŸ˜‰ Great lineup, love the cat lady one.


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