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Homemaking Favorites {5 on Friday}

Today I want to share a handful of items that I’ve been loving – and these are all from the homemaking category!

#1 Mixing Bowls with Lids

I love that these are dishwasher and microwave safe, have rubber grips on the bottom and come with lids! I use them for mixing bowls, serving bowls, leftover storage and more. The biggest one is perfect for keeping a large head of lettuce fresh in the fridge.

My set came from Target – I got them on sale for $15 and I’ve seen them on sale again since then.

#2 Dollar Tree Tupperware

I decided it was finally time to ditch the last few pieces of the Rubbermaid plastic storage set I got over 10 years ago as a shower gift. My tupperware drawer was also full of random bowls and containers from here and there.

I got rid of all those and replaced them with 3 sets of these Rubbermaid Takealong containers from Dollar Tree. I got 2 sets of the deep squares and 1 set of the sandwich containers, but the lids are the same for both. That makes life even easier! The SureFresh bowls are also great for leftovers or packing lunches.

#3 Air Purifier

It’s unusual for me to talk about a more expensive purchase like this one, but I really love our air purifier. I do not have a sense of smell (I was born that way) so I’m always nervous that our house smells like crazy cat land without my knowledge.

I love to put the air purifier in a room and let it run for 30 minutes. It gets the air moving, removes allergens and makes it smell nice and fresh (so I’m told). This does more than just coat the air with a scent – it really makes a difference.

#4 Lavender Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

After I strip the sheets off our beds, I like to spray this on the mattress before putting clean sheets back down on the bed. I also spritz a little of this on the linens in the guest room when I’m expecting company, just to freshen things up in there.

The one I have came from the Target Dollar Spot a while ago, but Amazon has some good options too!

#5 Comfort Kitchen Mat

My favorite thing about this style of kitchen rug is that it doesn’t move. The foam texture of the rug grips the floor and always looks nice and smooth! The exact print I have is no longer available, but I linked a similar style.

The directions say spot clean only, but I’ve washed mine on delicate and let it air dry overnight without any issues!

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Happy Homemaking, friends!


2 thoughts on “Homemaking Favorites {5 on Friday}

  1. I love using mixing bowls with lids!! They’re so great for leftovers or chopped up fruit. The home item that I’m loving right now are some new spatulas I found at Hobby Lobby. They’re all one piece and are really strong.


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