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Celebrating My Sister’s 30th Birthday at Lake Keowee

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My mom, sister and I spent the best weekend together this month. One of the best decisions we’ve ever made was the decision to celebrate milestone birthdays with a destination weekend!

A couple years ago we celebrated Mom’s birthday in Boone, North Carolina. My sister turns 30 this month so we decided to try Lake Keowee here in South Carolina.

We stayed at this newly listed VRBO on the Keowee Key golf course. We wanted something with a full kitchen for a few meals and a decent living space for hanging out, and it was perfect! Thirty minutes after we checked in, my Mom had an amazing Mexican supper on the table for us.

We enjoyed walking around the property, taking advantage of the lake views and the pools. It was perfect water weather all weekend – hot and sunny!

On our evening walk, a black cat came running out of the trees and came right up to us! He must have known we are family of cat lovers. 🙂 After petting him, we walked away and he followed us for a bit. Too cute!

We spent a good part of one day at the (mostly empty) pool, talking and enjoying the water. My Mom whipped up these salads with roasted chicken, goat cheese, berries and her homemade cranberry vinaigrette and we enjoyed a delicious poolside lunch!

The Lighthouse Restaurant was the perfect spot to enjoy supper and was just a few minutes from our condo.

I had their local trout with Alabama BBQ sauce, cheddar grits and collard greens. YUM.

We found a cute gazebo overlooking the lake and brought our cake and gifts out there for a little party! You can see where I get my love of party planning – Mom brought cute glasses for us to wear and even happened to have ones that matched our outfits. 🙂

We shopped and ate our way through Greenville coming and going from Lake Keowee, and by the end of the trip we were packed to the roof!

I was happy to take my Mom and sister to a few of my local favorites like Tropical Grille and Coyote Coffee. Alli always loves a stop at The Oops Co., and we hit up one of my favorite thrift stores!

For my mom’s 60th birthday trip, I made Christmas ornaments that served as party favors and souvenirs from the weekend. I decided to stick with the ornament theme for this trip and fell in love with these frames from Hobby Lobby.

I added a wallet sized print from our recent family photo shoot, changed out the ribbon and added a label on the back to personalize it. These little frames would also be cute as decor or tucked into a tiered tray – it’s a nice alternative to a coffee mug or t-shirt that commemorates the weekend.

This was a nearly perfect weekend that we had all been looking forward to and praying about for months! Just like everyone else, we get worn down. Our lives are full of good things, but also include things like multiple periods of quarantine, busy schedules, parenting, praying about important decisions and dealing with difficult situations. These precious times of fellowship give the three of us renewed energy to jump back into the places God has called us.   

Alli’s actual birthday is tomorrow. There’s nobody that can brighten up my life like she can – she is the person described in Proverbs 15:15 with a cheerful heart. Even though she’s younger than me, I want to be like her when I grow up! Happy Birthday, sis!

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11 thoughts on “Celebrating My Sister’s 30th Birthday at Lake Keowee

  1. What a special weekend getaway!! I’m so glad that you were able to celebrate another big milestone with your mom and sister. Your location looked lovely and you ladies know how to pack to have a party on the go! You thought of everything. I’m curious (and feel free to tell me it’s none of my business – haha) how do you divide up the cost of the condo rental? Do you split it or do you rotate who pays? This would be a fun thing for me to plan for my mom and sister one day 🙂


    1. Thanks, friend! We did have such a great time! That’s a good question, I don’t mind sharing our process with you. Since this was for Alli’s birthday, mom and I found the condo and split the cost of the reservation. We did all our meals out on our own. When we celebrated mom’s birthday a few years ago, Alli and I chose the place and split the cost. So the birthday person doesn’t have to pay for their trip. ☺️


  2. I always enjoy your family posts. All of you girls know how to make the get together times so special with your food, table settings and decor. Whitney, would you mind asking your mom where she got her tee shirt at? I want one!


  3. I love the close relationship you have with your Mom and sister. You and your Mom are so organized and make every get together special. The ornaments you made are such a great way to remember your time together. Hope Alli has a very happy birthday!


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