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Good Deals at Dollar Tree: Haul and Review

Dollar Tree continues to be one of my favorite places to shop. I consistently find good deals on food and household supplies, which makes a big difference with rising prices everywhere.

Here is a haul from one shopping trip that I did in July. This all came from one Dollar Tree, and it was a pretty small one. I found the grocery and household section really well stocked and hit the jackpot.

I stumbled upon a really fun find that I’ll share at the end of the post! Here’s my haul and review of the items I found.

  • Bear Grahams: Amazing deal for 10 really good sized packages
  • Super Stacks Chips: The can was half full, but the chips were thick and really well seasoned
  • Lays Stax: A great deal for name brand chips, the can was 75% full
  • Granola Bars & Yogurt Biscuits: Slightly smaller than name brand but still a good deal
  • Hamburger Helper: These are around $3 at the grocery store, so it’s a great deal!
  • Risotto: One of our favorite quick sides from Dollar Tree, just as good as the $2.45 version at Aldi
  • Microwavable Rice: Comparable price for a convenience food, with maybe 2 servings per package.
  • Picante Sauce: Name brand and a much better deal than the grocery store
  • Pickles: Sometimes they’re cheaper at Aldi, but this is overall a good deal. The sweet pickles are our favorite.
  • Rotel: Another name brand deal that’s cheaper than the grocery store
  • Pasta Sauce: This was a new-to-me product that I wasn’t crazy about, but it wasn’t bad. The sauce seemed a little watered down.
  • Spaghettios: Another great price for a giant can of a convenience food
  • Soap refills: This has to be best deal on soap! I always look at the ounces to make sure I’m getting the best value. I went with the antibacterial version for the kitchen.
  • Disinfectant Wipes: Always check the quantity to get the best deal, but you still cannot beat the price per wipe.
  • Shower Curtain Liner: These are very thin and cheap, but I don’t mind using them
  • Mop and Broom Holder: This was the item I was so excited to find! I have the Command version in my laundry room, and those are $7-14 each. This one is not quite as sturdy as the Command version but it still works!

You can see on the package that it’s shown holding the Dollar Tree broom and dry swiffer mops, which also I have and use every week. I think the weight of those items would be perfect for this holder.

I am using mine to hold the attachments for our handheld vacuum. This fits perfectly inside the closet where the vacuum is stored, maximizing the vertical space and eliminating the basket that used to hold them. Win!

Have you found any amazing deals at Dollar Tree lately? One thing that helps me is to watch Dollar Tree haul videos on YouTube. I have a better idea of what I’m looking for and I’m motivated to look on every aisle and end cap – it’s like a treasure hunt!

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4 thoughts on “Good Deals at Dollar Tree: Haul and Review

  1. Great finds! I haven’t been in a Dollar Tree in a while so I think I’ll have to find one to visit soon. I’d love to get some cute note pads for school lunches/


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