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My Small Budget, Oven-Free Menu Plan!

I am really trying to spend as little as possible on groceries right now. You can’t control things like taxes, mortgage bills or unexpected expenses, but you can control how much you spend in the grocery store. I chose to pick up a lot of fresh produce to round out all our meals – it’s so hot right now that we are happy to fill up on watermelon! I like to offer fruit instead of meat as a first choice for seconds. 

cherries for menu plan


  • Cinnamon Raisin Toast
  • Cereal
  • Fruit: Watermelon, Bananas, Cherries, Honeydew and Strawberries (I spent less than $10 on all of this at Aldi!)


  • Egg Salad or Ham Sandwiches/Fruit
  • Leftovers (I eat my lunch at home and just grab whatever is around)


In the interest of full disclosure – I share my menu posts the week after it actually happens. I plan my menus on Monday, so it just works better this way!

How to Budget your Groceries

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11 thoughts on “My Small Budget, Oven-Free Menu Plan!

  1. Thanks for sharing a mostly oven free menu! We are in Europe & I had a bit of culture shock when it came to how small the oven was so I am really learning to cook on a stovetop mostly…nice to see a menu that isn’t so heavy on the oven 😉 Have a great week!


  2. We have an oven free menu planned too. It’s going to be hot, so no use heating up the house with the oven and paying more for air conditioning.
    Your menu looks delicious!


  3. I am trying to cut down on our groceries so I can stock up for our trip to the beach in two weeks. I am already storing away non perishables. Like you, in the summertime heat, fruit and light meals are a winner at our house.


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