Christmas Leftovers! {Menu Monday}

Menu Monday Post Christmas

I saw a Facebook status that probably captures the feelings of many of us right now…it said, “I’m thankful for Christmas but I don’t want to eat ham again for a very long time.” Ha! We enjoyed a delicious Honeybaked Ham for a few different meals last week, but I don’t think my husband is tired of it yet. That’s a good thing, because as you’ll see on this week’s menu – we aren’t done eating ham! 🙂 

There’s no grocery haul video again this week. With settling into a new work schedule along with the holidays, I got out of my grocery shopping routine (gasp!). I am ready to get back into some serious deal-hunting and grocery hauling for next week, so those videos will resume pronto!

Tomorrow I’m recapping Christmas with pictures AND a vlog, so I’ll see you back here then!

On The Menu 


  • Cereal (I’m in love with Chocolate Chex!)
  • Eggs & Bacon


  • Sandwiches w/leftover Christmas ham



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12 thoughts on “Christmas Leftovers! {Menu Monday}

  1. Those chocolate chex are on my grocery list to try this week! Sometimes I wish that I cooked the holiday meals so I’d get to eat left overs 🙂 Your hamy menu sound delicious. Hope you’re enjoying your new job!


  2. We actually did not have a ham (or turkey) for Christmas. I did purchase one after the holiday on sale and we will be enjoying it this week! My DH never seems to tire of ham, though I’m not a big fan!


  3. We aren’t in the leftover mode anymore. We finished the roasting hen, and I have frozen the carcass for soup later on. We do have lots of candy and Jam cake (which is frozen also). So it’s back to normal suppers for us.


  4. Yum! I love leftovers. I don’t get sick of food easily. ;). Holidays seem to throw everything off with my meal planning, as well. Good luck with your new job!


  5. My grocery shopping routine is off too! It definitely comes with the holiday season. At least you have lots of leftovers to make up for it! We were out of town over Christmas, so our cupboards are pretty empty now. I’ll have to kick myself into geart and get to the grocery store!


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