Organizing The Food Storage Drawer

Food storage organization cover

I don’t know who the first person was that decided to film a video of their organized kitchen drawers and put it on YouTube, but I’m so glad that happened. I love watching organization videos! Last week I watched a Tupperware organization video that majorly inspired me. My food storage drawer is a hodge podge of random containers I’ve collected over time, so it hasn’t ever had a true organization system. It wasn’t the messiest space ever, but it was annoying that the lids were always sliding around in the drawer making it tricky to remove things when I needed them. Here’s how it looked at best:

Food Storage Organization

Not the messiest drawer ever, but if I was using one of those larger containers, the lids ended up sliding everywhere. I took everything out of the drawer and pulled out a few things that didn’t belong – a straw & lid that went with a cup in my corner cupboard, my back up set of measuring cups and two lids that didn’t have containers. I relocated everything except the lids, which went in the trash.

Food Storage Organization 2

In the video I mentioned earlier, she used a tall bin to hold her extra lids. I grabbed an extra magazine file from my stash of organizing supplies (see how I used the other one in my linen closet) and it worked perfectly! On my last trip to the Dollar Tree I picked up that blue bin which is now holding my funnels and measuring cups.

Food storage organization containers

Here’s the finished product – I did this project right after emptying the dishwasher, so this is about as full as it will ever be.

Food storage organization 3

I hope this inspires you to organize a space you assumed would never be organized! It can be done!

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17 thoughts on “Organizing The Food Storage Drawer

  1. If I ever re do my kitchen, I am going for deep drawers for the bottom cabinets instead of the traditional cabinets. So much easier to store everything and it does not become a Black Hole!! Your drawer looks nice.


  2. What a great idea to use the magazine holder for the lids! My container shelf stays pretty neat, but like you mentioned, whenever I use the bigger containers the lids go everywhere. I think I’ll have to try that idea!


  3. Mine are all in a cabinet instead of a drawer, but I just use one of the containers to hold all of the small lids and it holds up all of the larger ones that won’t fit in it. I would love to have some big, deep drawers like that! 🙂


  4. Here’s an idea for lid storage that my daughter taught me – she cut a cereal box to look like a magazine file and it works! She made two for me – I have lots of lids! Thanks for sharing your organization, Whitney 🙂


  5. This area of the kitchen is always the hardest for me. I like the idea of having a container to hold the lids that isn’t a bowl you’d need to use occasionally. My entire tupperware collection is packed away in storage so I’m happy to say I have gotten to ignore this area for several months 🙂 I’ll keep this in mind when I go to unpack!


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