Making Sweet Memories {Menu Monday}

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It’s been ten years since I graduated from college, but I still have what I call “college nightmares.” Saturday night I dreamed that I was trying to work out my class schedule so I wouldn’t have to stay an extra semester (that actually happened to me). In my dream, the registrar was extremely hateful and kept laughing at me in a very mocking fashion…his voice sounded exactly like James Spader. I’ll blame that on Paul’s Avengers marathon from the weekend. LOL. I always wake up from those dreams extremely relieved to find myself in the present day, safe in my own home with my very own Captain America.

You probably understand by now that I didn’t enjoy my college years. That’s not to say that 2002-2006 were the worst years of my life. Those were also the summers that I worked at camp – those summers are full of wonderful, fun, precious memories and life-altering experiences. I’m so thankful that among the stressful memories, I have sweet ones.

Are you in a stage of life right now that might give you nightmares later on down the road? Are you looking back longingly at a season of life that you loved but that is long gone? I want to encourage you to make something into a sweet memory today. Do something to make today special for you and your family.

Better is a dinner of herbs where love is than a fattened ox and hatred with it. – Proverbs 15:7

One of the ways I make today special is setting a pretty table for Sunday lunch. We only sit at the table for a few minutes, and then it’s time to put it all away. But it makes that moment special, and it gives me sweet memories for today. It won’t change your circumstances, but it will make them a little sweeter.

Happy Monday!

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  • Leftovers
  • Fish Sticks
  • Pasta Salad with Chicken


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14 thoughts on “Making Sweet Memories {Menu Monday}

  1. I loved your encouraging words… make sweet memories with your family today and do something special for them. I think that’s something I can strive for every day despite any crazy things that happen. Thank you for the reminder 🙂 Your menu sounds tasty – I love pb toast and a friend made us mini meatloaves a few weeks ago that were delish.


  2. Totally get it – those nightmares of past low points always pop up. Not sure if a James Spader voice helps or hurts things 🙂 his voice does crack me up! But in the context, maybe not so comforting. Love your advice of just pushing past and looking for joy TODAY!

    And your menu instantly had me craving banana bread, which I could probably eat a whole loaf of right now. 🙂


  3. I still have nursing nightmares. I recently dreamed I had about five patients that I had not even seen all day. And I have not been in nursing in 30 years. It is funny where our minds go when we sleep.


  4. Nightmares are awful! I have recurring ones about a former job that I hated. Thankfully, they are coming less frequently now, but for a while they happened almost weekly. It must’ve been an Avengers weekend, as my sister and I rented “Ant-Man” and “Avengers 2.” 🙂 Living in the moment is definitely something we all need to do more often. It’s easy to get caught up in the past or fret about the future. Love seeing watermelon in your menus! Such a tasty way to beat the summer heat!


  5. Whitney so funny you should mention that because my recurring “college nightmare” is that I haven’t been to class all semester and it’s time for the final exam and I have no idea what is going to be on it! I agree that was a stressful time for me too! I pray your nightmares end before mine have since I still have it and my son just graduated college over the weekend! Also I’ve been looking for a good Greek chicken recipe and that one looks delicious!


    1. Oh bless your heart – and that doesn’t bode well for me either. LOL. That is a stressful scenario for sure! Try that Greek chicken – it was SO good. My husband isn’t a fan of “different” flavors on his meat and he loved it.


  6. Bless your heart, Whitney. Those were hard years! I’ll pray the nightmares end! I’m thankful that in spite of the difficulties, you finished and God was faithful. Your table looks pretty!


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