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7 Recipes For The Busiest of Days {Menu Monday}

A couple weeks ago I had a very busy week at my day job, working twice as many hours as I do on a normal week. This only happens about twice a year, but it really makes me grateful to only work part time! I worked full time for 10 years and try not to take that for granted.

We still have to eat no matter how many hours I work, so I combined a few freezer meals with some weekend prep to come up with a meal plan that needed very little hands-on attention. Here it is!

On The Menu 



  • Paul and I both ate our lunches at work this week, but if not I could have made a batch of Taco Soup ahead of time


When life is busy, it’s easy to think that going out to eat is the fastest solution. I’ve not found that to be the case! Planning ahead so that supper only needs 20 minutes to get on the table makes a huge difference, but eating at home takes so much less time than eating out!

Watch the video below to see our meals each night!

What is your favorite meal to put in the freezer for those busy nights?


9 thoughts on “7 Recipes For The Busiest of Days {Menu Monday}

  1. These all look quick and easy. Great job planning ahead! I need to stock up on some meats for my freezer. I’d love to have taco meat, browned hamburger meat, and chicken ready to go for some quick dinners. My stash is running low.


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