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How To Prepare For Christmas In July

I know that many people are horrified with how early those Christmas displays begin to appear in the stores. It doesn’t bother me – I love Christmas and really enjoy planning and preparing for the season.

I find that planning ahead makes Christmas much less stressful financially and emotionally and helps me to to enjoy it even more! Even if you’re not excited to see Christmas decor, I think this post will be helpful for you. Here are some things you can do now to prepare for Christmas!

Christmas Gifts

This is a great time to plan ahead for gifts. If you have an idea of a few things you want to purchase, you can be looking for sales or watching the prices on Amazon to get the best deal. Grab my Christmas Gift Organization Sheet to keep track of what you purchase.

No-Spend Goals

Every few years I set a “no spend” restriction on holiday decor. A couple years ago I did this with Christmas decor and was so pleased with how my decor looked, even without buying anything new! I did the same thing with fall decor last year – I spent $10 and that was it! Since I bought quite a bit of new Christmas decor last year, I’ve decided it’s time to reinstate the no-spend restriction for Christmas 2020. I have to plan ahead for this, because it won’t be long before I start seeing decor in my stores!

Decorating Schedule

I like to think ahead to make sure I leave enough time to enjoy my holiday decor. It takes so much work to put it all out that it makes sense to give myself plenty of time to sit and enjoy it!

  • Fall decor goes up at the very end of August or the first week of September, so that I can enjoy it through September and October.
  • Christmas decor goes up the second week of November so that I can enjoy it for 6 weeks. Due to some travel plans, I’ll need to take Christmas decor down the last week of December instead of waiting until after New Year’s Day like I usually do.

Difficult Situations

We probably all have one of these! It might be a strained relationship, a family member who always causes issues, a recent loss, financial strain or separation from loved ones who aren’t able to be with you for Christmas. If you’re able to anticipate any of these, now is a great time to start thinking and praying about how to handle, avoid or resolve them.

Read More: 3 Things to Pray Before Christmas 

Did I convince you to do a little Christmas in July? You won’t regret it! 🙂


7 thoughts on “How To Prepare For Christmas In July

  1. My goal this year is to have Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving (other than odds and ends that pop up) and have all my gifts wrapped when the tree goes up the first week in December. We’ll see! Thanks for this early reminder!!!


    1. Girl yes, I done a Christmas savings fun for the first time this year, and I’ve picked up a couple of awesome gifts from the dollar tree already for some Christmas gifts! I know I will be feeling much at ease when Christmas gets here knowing I don’t have to scramble for money at the last min or last minute gifts!


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