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Dollar Tree Haul and Favorites! {February 2021}

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Dollar Tree! I feel like it just gets better and better (most likely in part due to the popularity of Dollar Tree hauls on YouTube) and I love knowing that everything in the store is just $1!

(Update for December 2021: I still love Dollar Tree, even though they raised their prices!)

They’ve started to put out everything you need to prepare for spring. I love the pastel colors in this line and picked up a mint green soup mug to replace one I’ve used for several years.

I have high hopes for these herb and flower rockets – they look pretty easy and are supposed to thrive indoors.

I purchase name brand and Dollar Tree brand items, depending on what I think is a better deal. The Lysol toilet bowl cleaner is one of my favorites! I used the glass cleaner for the first time last weekend and was really impressed.

The Crafter’s Square section at my favorite Dollar Tree is bursting with fun items! I thought this would be a nice gift for anyone who enjoys crafting or sewing.

People often comment that their Dollar Tree never looks as good as this one (this is my favorite local DT: 805 S. Batesville Road, Greer, SC ). Here are my tips about that:

  • Check out all the Dollar Trees in your area or stop at one when you’re traveling. They are not created equal!
  • Don’t avoid the messy stores. Sometimes the messy ones have the best stuff, because people don’t want to dig through the mess to find the treasures.
  • Shop at different times of day or on different days until you find the time when the store is the most stocked and organized!
  • Watch Dollar Tree hauls on YouTube so you know what you’re looking for.

Speaking of which – here’s my latest haul that just went live on YouTube today!

More Dollar Tree!


4 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Haul and Favorites! {February 2021}

    1. That’s a good question! I have more fun shopping in Dollar Tree, but overall I think I prefer Dollar General. I can get so much of my everyday shopping done in there and at prices equal or better than Target.


  1. Fun haul! My Dollar Tree had all their fairy garden supplies out and I picked up some new things for my kid’s Easter baskets. I noticed that our craft aisle had tripled in size on my latest trip.


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