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New Finds at Dollar General!

When we were house shopping, one of my requirements was that we had to live near a Dollar General. These days it’s not hard to do that – they are literally everywhere – but they are so handy!

I love that you can run in and pick up anything from medicine to groceries to home decor. The prices are always great and you don’t have to walk three miles to get what you need (I’m looking at you, Walmart).

Here are a few goodies I’ve picked up over the last few weeks!

Boxwood Wreath: $5

This wreath is in the picture above – I couldn’t believe it was only $5! It’s not the highest quality boxwood, but it looks great for the price. It has a grapevine base but is very full of boxwood.

Home Sweet Home Rug: $5

Another $5 steal that I couldn’t believe! It’s not as large as the $12 versions Target sells, but it is perfect if you like the layered rug look.

Double Walled Tumbler: $3.50

They have a great selection of these in different sizes, patterns and styles. They range from around $3-6 and even have glass versions. I carry these cups to work every day so I can never have enough!

Outdoor Lounge Chair: $25

I’ve been looking for one of these for weeks – they’re either sold out or at least twice the price at other stores! They aren’t available online, but you can enter your zip code on Dollar General’s website to find a store near you that has it in stock.

Gift Card Container: $2

Dollar General is my favorite place to grab a gift card (they have a large selection from stores and restaurants) and a pretty container to go with it! This little terracotta pot was the perfect companion for a Mother’s Day gift card. It adds a little personal touch to gift that sometimes feels a little impersonal and last minute.

Garden Flag ($1.50) and Stand ($3)

I’ve also picked up things like allergy medicine, dry shampoo, chicken stock, freezer bags and cleaning supplies. The stores are almost always understaffed and messy (that’s an issue at the corporate level – they don’t allow their stores enough payroll hours to really keep the store in top shape) but it’s worth digging through the mess to find the good stuff!

I also have a Dollar Tree Haul to share with you today! I filled my cart pretty full with household items and a few summer prep must-haves. Watch the haul below!

So here’s the question – if you could only shop at one store and not the other, would you choose Dollar General or Dollar Tree? Let me know your answer in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “New Finds at Dollar General!

  1. Wow – you make me want to go shopping. So many things I need:) (well, maybe want)! We don’t have quite that many DGs around here – but definitely will be worth the trip!


  2. I like Dollar General but for some reason hardly ever go there. I’m a Dollar Tree gal! Love their 2/$1 hallmark cards especially! Totally agree with you about the tea towels (those micro fiber ones make me feel like I have the roughest hands in the world.


  3. I have to choose Dollar Tree. There are 2 close by. I have not been to Dollar General. There was on about 30 minutes away, but it was burned down during the riots last summer. Have you ever been to Five Below? Everything is $5 and under. It’s a fun store to look around in.


    1. That is so sad about your Dollar General!! I love Five Below – I don’t go in there very often, but I’ve found quite a few treasures there over the last couple years. It’s a good store for stocking stuffers at Christmas!


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