Kale and Quinoa Refrigerator Salad

I take my lunch to work every day, so I'm always looking for healthy, filling and easy lunch ideas. Soup had been my go-to lunch with recipes like taco soup and black bean soup because I love being able to make things in large batches and eat on it throughout the week. Every day I'd… Continue reading Kale and Quinoa Refrigerator Salad


Strawberry Peach Smoothie {Recipe and Tutorial}

this post contains affiliate links Today I'm sharing my super simple method for making a creamy and delicious strawberry peach smoothie! I experimented with a wide variety of fruit, almond milk, coconut milk and fruit juice...and found that it really only takes a few good ingredients to get great results! One of the best things… Continue reading Strawberry Peach Smoothie {Recipe and Tutorial}