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Carrying On When Tragedy Strikes

What do you do when tragedy strikes via

When horrible things happen, this question always arises in my mind – should we stop everything we are doing and focus completely on the tragedy, or should we continue on in our daily lives? I think the answer involves a little of both with more of the latter.

It bothers me when I see people scolding others for posting anything unrelated to the tragedy or news of the day. For example, many people acted horrified to see Instagram posts of anything other than the Eiffel Tower and the #prayforparis hashtag on Friday night. We live in a scary and unpredictable world. Horrible things happen all the time. I don’t look forward to the day when horrible things happen in my home town, although I know it could happen. I am deeply saddened for people – especially innocent victims in the free world – who suffer at the hands of evildoers. My attitude toward those events is anything but flippant: my husband and I pray for comfort for the victims, justice for the perpetrators, and wisdom for our nation’s leaders.

Terrorists want to disrupt our every day lives. They certainly accomplished that task for hundreds of families in Paris last weekend. My heart breaks for those families who have lost a loved one and cannot carry on their daily lives as they normally would. They can’t – but I can. I can still work hard to create a place of comfort in my home. If your children saw any of the news coverage from the weekend, I imagine they need a bit of comfort and reassurance.

I can still look for joy in the small things of life. I can still Instagram pictures of my morning coffee, of my loved ones or of the glorious fall colors that adorn America the Beautiful…all while thanking God for the ability to enjoy those things and praying for those who currently cannot. 

Life is uncertain. God is faithful. Life is scary. God is in control. I don’t have to fear tomorrow, because I know the One who is already there! If you don’t have a personal relationship with God, here’s a simple explanation of Who God is and how you can have a relationship with Him.

Enjoying the simple things in life, for me, involves grocery shopping and making meals for my family! Click here to watch my weekly grocery haul. This week’s menu is below!

On The Menu 



  • Sandwiches
  • Chicken Sausage


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21 thoughts on “Carrying On When Tragedy Strikes

  1. I like your meal planning at the bottom…I’ve been getting into that lately, but I like the way you plan out breakfasts and lunches too. Simple but effective.

    I was thinking about God’s perspective when tragedy hits. He’s truly like a Father…He can smile and rejoice with His child who is enjoying the little blessings of the day while at the same time hurting and weeping with His child going through a tragedy. True parenthood. And a reminder that He understands all of it, the good and the bad, and is with us in every moment.


  2. I love this post Whitney and I agree with you wholeheartedly! When we lost my grandfather a few years ago, my grandmother said the two things that got her through were her faith … and routine! Whether it’s a personal tragedy that occurs to someone close to us or a tragedy that takes place somewhere far away, there is comfort in the rituals and routines of home and homemaking.


  3. I agree Whitney. The terrorists win when we shut down and huddle frightened in a corner. I think the people of England in WW2 are a good example of Keeping Calm and Carrying On. We can do that when we know that God is in control and we must trust HIM for each day.


    1. Yes, I agree about the British. We’re watching Home Fires on PBS right now, and I love their spirit of keeping things going at home no matter what happens in other places. Trusting God’s control makes it a lot easier, too!


  4. Thank you for this post Whitney. You are such an encouragement! It is so easy to live in constant fear and sorrow- especially when such tragic things happen. Thanks for the reminder that I don’t have to live that way because I know the One who created life.


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