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Month in Review {July 2022}

Although summer is my least favorite season, July is always full of things to celebrate. This month has been no exception!

The Highlights

July 4th has become one of our favorite holidays to celebrate as a family. It’s the perfect day to hang out at my parents’ house, eat all the good food, and enjoy their lovely back yard.

We all contribute to the meal (see what we brought here) but my parents are the most gracious hosts, buzzing around and making sure everyone is taken care of.

This year my nephews decided to have a squirt gun fight. It was intended to be just the boys, but somehow we all ended up soaking wet! 🙂 We had so much fun and decided that we have to make the July 4th squirt gun battle an official Ham Fam tradition.

Things are certainly different with all these boys in our family, and it’s so fun!

We wrapped up the day with homemade ice cream and peach cobbler. Perfection!

I was so happy to put the finishing touches on our bathroom remodel this month. It feels good to cross that project off the list!

We decided to celebrate Paul’s birthday at a place that’s very on brand for him – the Resident Dogs Diner. The restaurant is decorated with a perfect blend of 1960’s-1980’s nostalgia for these 80’s kids.

He ate his weight in gourmet hot dogs and declared it perfection.

Paul’s grandpa and aunt came up for a visit this month, and we got to meet them for supper one night. It’s been several years since we’ve seen Grandpa and I’m so glad I got this picture of them!

Last weekend I met up with my mom and sister for a shopping day in Asheville, North Carolina. We had the best time and found some great stuff.

We’ve recently discovered this restaurant, Stone Ridge Tavern. It’s right up the road from the Asheville Outlets and has such good food!

Mom was really hungry! 🙂 Not really, we each ordered one of their flatbreads and then sampled them all. They’re all so good!

From This Month’s Bible Reading

One of my favorite things about reading the whole Bible every year is how each year certain books become stand out favorites. We know the “good” books that are easy go-to’s like Psalms, Proverbs, the Gospels and Romans. Looking for the God of the Bible on every page makes those other books come alive with his love, mercy, and goodness.

That was the case as I read Hosea this month. I have been overwhelmed by God’s compassion, mercy, and relentless pursuit of a love relationship with his people. Even more than that, my heart is touched by God’s love for those outside of Abraham’s DNA.

In you the orphan finds mercy. (Hosea 14:3)

I am the orphan, the outsider that received love while Jesus bore the wrath I deserve.

I will not vent the full fury of my anger…For I am God and not man, the Holy One among you; I will not come in rage. (Hosea 11:9)

I have been the LORD your God ever since the land of Egypt; you know no God but me, and no Savior exists besides me. (Hosea 13:14)

God’s love for this orphan compels me to love the orphans in my life – the literal and the spiritual orphans. ❤

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10 thoughts on “Month in Review {July 2022}

  1. Your pictures are wonderful! Looks as if y’all are having a wonderful summer. Love the picture of your husband and his granddad; so sweet!


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