Pendell Pumpkin Patch {Fall Decor 2018}

I've always wanted to decorate for fall with blue and orange, and this year I finally have enough blue and white pieces to make it work! I'm a big fan of unhurried seasonal decorating - I put out the decor in small sections and live with it for a week or so before I settle… Continue reading Pendell Pumpkin Patch {Fall Decor 2018}


Personalized Monogram Ornaments {DIY Party Favor!}

this post contains affiliate links When my sister and I started planning our girls' weekend in celebration of my Mom's 60th birthday, I knew I wanted to make some kind of party favor to commemorate the weekend. I hit up Pinterest but had very little luck finding anything other than tacky novelties or things having… Continue reading Personalized Monogram Ornaments {DIY Party Favor!}

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Blue and White Decor | Summer Goodwill Challenge

I'm slowly adding to my collection of blue and white home decor - thanks in no small part to these Goodwill challenges! For the past year or so I've participated in seasonal Goodwill challenges where you have to find something secondhand for $5 or less, and then incorporate it into your home decor. This time… Continue reading Blue and White Decor | Summer Goodwill Challenge


Home Decorating On A Small Budget | How and Why It’s A Good Idea!

How can you have a beautifully decorated home without a lot of money? It is possible to create a lovely home on a small budget. In this video I'll tell you how I did just that! My method might seem unusual - and it's certainly not minimalistic. I've lived my entire life on a… Continue reading Home Decorating On A Small Budget | How and Why It’s A Good Idea!