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Farmhouse Style Easter Eggs {DIY}

Flipping through my Victoria magazine last weekend, I was inspired by the beautiful artisan Easter eggs they showcased. You can purchase a kit for $50 to create a set of artisan eggs just like the ones in the magazine...but I decided to make a version that was a little less complicated - and a lot… Continue reading Farmhouse Style Easter Eggs {DIY}

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3 Simple Home Decor Upgrades Under $5

Having a beautiful home is really the result of small choices and decisions. It's certainly true that large rooms, expensive furniture and professional decorating skills produce a beautiful home, but those of us living in average sized homes with well worn furniture and our own decorating skills can still have beautiful living spaces! Here are… Continue reading 3 Simple Home Decor Upgrades Under $5


Personalized Monogram Ornaments {DIY Party Favor!}

this post contains affiliate links When my sister and I started planning our girls' weekend in celebration of my Mom's 60th birthday, I knew I wanted to make some kind of party favor to commemorate the weekend. I hit up Pinterest but had very little luck finding anything other than tacky novelties or things having… Continue reading Personalized Monogram Ornaments {DIY Party Favor!}