Organize With Me {Tools and Craft Supplies}

In case you thought that every space in my home was perfectly organized, today's post will help you see the truth. I have to work hard to keep things organized, and every once and while a space gets really out of hand. Such was the case with one of the first organizing projects I did when… Continue reading Organize With Me {Tools and Craft Supplies}


Bedroom Closet Tour | My Organized Home Series

I've never been good at keeping my bedroom closet neat and tidy. I love our home, but the bedrooms and closets are pretty small - so much that everything I wear has to be stored in my closet. Paul uses the dresser in our room, I got the closet! I had to get creative and… Continue reading Bedroom Closet Tour | My Organized Home Series


My Organized Home {New Video Series!}

I firmly believe that organization always requires maintenance. No organization system works perfectly forever, but with a little attention and upkeep, it can make a tremendous difference in how well your home functions. Today I'm launching a new series on my YouTube channel called My Organized Home. I'll take you through the organization systems all… Continue reading My Organized Home {New Video Series!}


Organizing The Food Storage Drawer

I don't know who the first person was that decided to film a video of their organized kitchen drawers and put it on YouTube, but I'm so glad that happened. I love watching organization videos! Last week I watched a Tupperware organization video that majorly inspired me. My food storage drawer is a hodge podge of… Continue reading Organizing The Food Storage Drawer

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Organizing and Storing Christmas Gift Wrap

If you take the time to properly organize and store your leftover Christmas gift wrap now, you'll save yourself time and money come next December! I have a bin that houses all the rolls of paper, gift bags, tissue, ribbon and name tags - it lives under my guest room bed out of the way… Continue reading Organizing and Storing Christmas Gift Wrap