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Framed Botanical Prints | Dollar Tree DIY

I’m slowly working on the area around my new living room bookshelf. I knew I wanted gold framed botanical prints for the left side, but haven’t found anything in stores that was exactly what I had in mind.

On one of my Dollar Tree trips I found matching 8×10 gold frames. I could have probably found something on Etsy or Pinterest that I could print, but I decided to make my own! My Picmonkey subscription comes in handy for things like this (and for so many other things like Christmas cards, party invitations, seasonal decor, gallery walls and Christmas gifts).

This is the print I made in PicMonkey – you are welcome to save the image and print it as well! This is sized to print as an 8×10.

I printed it on basic printer paper from Dollar Tree and it came out beautifully! This might be too busy of a print for fall and winter, but I think it’s perfect for spring and summer when I don’t have as much “extra” decor to display.

I hung the frames using a straight pin (my mom’s trick that leaves almost no marks or holes in your walls!). To keep them from budging, I added a little piece of poster tack from Dollar Tree on the bottom corner. They’re looking a little crooked in this picture but I think it’s just the photography. 🙂

Not bad for only $2 out of pocket! I do have an inkjet printer, but ordering ink from Amazon keeps the per-print cost very low. I also love that it will be easy to switch out the art when I want a different look!

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