The Best Kind of Family Reunion

Last week in my daily Bible reading I came across a story that really made me think. In the book of Exodus, it tells the story of how God helped His people escape from their slavery in Egypt. Their journey came about after God did many signs and miracles (with negative effects that made Pharaoh… Continue reading The Best Kind of Family Reunion


December Marriage Matters Recap

Sometimes Christmas magnifies the flaws in our relationships. We want our family gatherings to be pleasant, warm and filled with love and joy. It's not always that way, is it? After a busy weekend with family I often find myself regretting the way I responded to my husband in a situation when he wasn't doing… Continue reading December Marriage Matters Recap

Enjoying The Journey

Dinner Party Planning: My Parents’ 35th Anniversary

Last weekend my sister and I had the privilege of helping our parents celebrate their 35th anniversary. We had so much fun planning and hosting this event! Other than my wedding (which was pretty simple), this was the biggest event I've organized. Alli's creativity and excellent taste was a perfect match for my love of spreadsheets… Continue reading Dinner Party Planning: My Parents’ 35th Anniversary