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Menu Monday + A New Source For Recipe Inspiration {1.20.20}

I am subscribed to Food Network’s YouTube channel and it’s one of the best ways to find new recipes! They take a whole recipe from one of the Food Network stars and cut it down to just a few minutes. It’s a great way to see a quick overview of how something is made, and they post the full recipe in the description box.

This is how I discovered the breakfast casserole I served on Christmas morning, and it’s how I discovered the chicken salad I made for lunch this week! Don’t tell Ina Garten, but I used half mayo and half Greek yogurt and it turned out just fine. 🙂 The recipe and video for the chicken salad are both linked below, along with everything else I made last week!


On The Menu




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2 thoughts on “Menu Monday + A New Source For Recipe Inspiration {1.20.20}

  1. Thank you for this new recipe idea!! I don’t watch many cooking shows anymore, but I can get on board with watching short clips to find new recipes. So smart!


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